Lucite Etagere

I’m a huge fan of lucite and I’ve got my heart set on one of these etageres. I’d actually prefer a pair…then I could frame them on either side of my couch. Charles Hollis Jones was the original master of acrylic. To have one of his originals (1st Dibs is the best resource) would be incredible. They are not hard to find but can be pricey. Another great idea is to have one made at Plexi Craft in Long Island City. They do custom work. The one on their website is great but very small…looks can be deceiving. Here are some I’ve found which really stand out.

I saw this at Barneys NY. It is custom, created by Muriel Brandolini. It was used in her space on the 9th floor when they were promoting her book. It was sadly not for sale.


This one I found at Harbinger in West Hollywood. It was around $3,000 and heavenly.


This is an original Charles Hollis Jones I found at Gallerie Sommerlath in LA. It’s priced at $2,800. Modern and interesting.


Just so you get the sense of what Plexi Craft can do, here is their etagere…it is only 48″ tall though:( But for $477, you can’t beat the price.

And my dream scenario for these pieces would be flanked on either side of my couch.


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