Diamond Sisal

At the moment, I’m slightly obsessed with getting a new rug. Too many “city” feet have traipsed across my Madeline Weinrib zig-zag rug and it’s starting to show the effects. Even with the “shoes off” rule in our home, people always forget. Since we will probably only be in the city for another year, I want something that will be adaptable to another space.

A diamond patterned sisal is just what I want and I’ve done all of my research to deserve one! I basically found out that there are three manufacturers that make a nearly identical rug: Merida (most expensive), Fibreworks, and Prestige Mill.

You can find any of these at a local rug store and the prices only vary slightly. The main difference is the color offerings and bindings.

Here are some of my favorite pics (mostly taken from House Beautiful’s site):


3 thoughts on “Diamond Sisal

  1. My favorite rug! I show this to every client because this is so versatile – I even love it as a stair runner – but everyone always complains that it isnt soft underfoot. I say…one can get used to anything, are 5″ heels comfortable at first? Great post!

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